How do I place an order?


As of now, orders can only be placed through the Food Forest mobile app. Start by downloading the app for Android or iOS. Create an account, select a hotspot, and choose your items.

How does EBT / SNAP work with Food Forest?


Customers that choose to pay with EBT simply schedule their order through the app and make their EBT payment at the pickup location.

Does Food Forest accept coupons?


Paper coupons are not accepted. Food Forest automatically applies all eligible coupons to your order so that you can rest assured that you are getting the lowest prices possible for the items you purchase.

What is Food Forest Select?
The Food Forest Select option is for anyone that is looking to save big! This selection gives our professional shoppers the ability to substitute the best value generic version of this item for you. The product label may vary from week to week as retailer pricing fluctuates. 
Can I specify my Food Forest Select substitution?
You may be wondering if you can choose to have one generic version but NOT another. At this time, Food Forest does not have the ability to accommodate these customer requests.
How do I pick up my order?


When your order is placed, Food Forest will reserve your pickup slot and send you an order confirmation email. You will receive a text notification to remind you to pick up your order at the time you selected. Don't forget to bring your reusable grocery bag! Bags are available for purchase at the HotSpot.

What if I can't pick up my order?
You are free to cancel your order at any time 12 hours before your pick up time. If you wish to cancel an order after this time frame, you will be charged a 5% late cancellation fee. Orders can be canceled through the mobile app. (Menu--> Orders --> Upcoming Orders). If your pickup time passes and you fail to pick up your order without notice. Food Forest will charge your card on file for the full amount of your order.
What is a HotSpot?
A hotspot is a grocery pickup location for customers that place their order through the Food Forest app. HotSpots are typically within walking distance of your residence or at a location that is convenient for people in your neighborhood. Grocery HotSpots allow fresh and affordable groceries to reach customers that traditional retailers consider unreachable.
How do I set up a HotSpot?
If you know of a location and time that that would make a good grocery HotSpot, we want to hear from you! please contact us at info@foodforest.co or click here to send us a message. Please include the following
1) How many people would benefit from this hotspot?
2) Is this location in a food desert?
3) Is accepting EBT an important feature in this community?
Why should I use Food Forest?
Scheduling a grocery order through Food Forest means that our team can be more thoughtful about where your food comes from. Not only does this mean you get fresher food with better prices but you are also helping minimize wastefulness of spontaneous food shopping. 
Can you add items to my HotSpot?
Yes! The HotSpot catalog that you see is maintained by your local operator and your item recommendations are encouraged. Item recommendations can be made through the Food Forest app.

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