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     Produce Perks Midwest is an Ohio nonprofit that pioneers solutions to address inequities within our food system. Our work increases affordable access to healthy food, supports local farmers and strengthens local economies – in our most under-served communities.

     Our flagship program, Produce Perks, helps low-income families eat more fruits and vegetables while supporting local farmers and growing local economies.

    We help families buy fresh, healthy food from local farmers. This is a simple yet powerful idea with vast opportunity for impact. Produce Perks doubles the purchasing power for low-income shoppers – providing a $1 for $1 match for families and individuals receiving SNAP (formerly known as food stamps) when spent on healthy foods. Our match can be used to purchase fruits and vegetables, stretching the SNAP $ for additional healthy foods.

     In 2018, we launched our Produce Prescription (PRx) Program. PRx connects patients with diet-related diseases (diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular, etc.) to providers that write prescriptions for free fruits and vegetables. Patients are screened for food insecurity within their household and providers issue monthly prescriptions to meet the entire family’s recommended daily servings of fruits and vegetables. 2020 programming is currently ramping up, with a focus on increasing infant vitality by providing new and expecting mothers with affordable access to healthy food.

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