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What is the Food Forest Virtual Pantry?

For most of us, COVID-19 has brought uncertainty to our lives. What will it be like when we go back to work or school? Is it safe to eat in a restaurant? Will there be college football this fall? But for others, the questions are more urgent: Where will I get my next meal?

As part of its mission to improve food access in the communities it serves, Food Forest has been operating a virtual food pantry that makes home deliveries along its Cincinnati-area routes -- and you can help.

Donors can gift grocery credits to those most in need. Recipients can use the credit to choose from over 10,000 items, including fresh meat and produce, as well as locally made foods. The best part? Neither the donor nor the recipient has to leave home, making this a safe method for giving and receiving food.

Click the Donate button to make a donation in any amount, and we’ll make sure your gift goes directly to bringing fresh food to Southwest Ohio and Northern Kentucky neighbors.

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